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215 definitions by Jeremy

commonly used on HALO's multiplayer. stands for "plasma gernade, fragment gernade, rocket". commonly used on stunt servers where players attempt to do glitches (fall through map, fly though walls,get on top of map,etc.)on various HALO maps.
player2: how did you get on top of the map?

player1:pfr the warthog when you're in the top tunnel. if you do it right, you should end up on top of the map.
by jeremy March 07, 2005
slang term for sex or pussy
Yo, man, I'm hoping to get me some frunk tonight! You hurr?
by Jeremy December 17, 2004
Originally discovered in 1844, borange is the term given to coloured particles that naturally occur in fecies.
"Sorry madam", said the doctor to the mother, "but little Timmy's borange levels are dangerously elevated; particularly indicative of a diet concisting of too much corn."
by Jeremy January 05, 2005
Acronym for Kitchen counter, where earin and i plan to rollercoaster when my parents aren't home.

My k.c. is better than her k.c.
Me: Dude, earin and i rollercoastered on the k.c. yesterday, it was splendiferous.

You: I just made a sandwich on there, dick.
by Jeremy August 21, 2004
Turd Burgler is an individual that repeatedly steals peoples tireds with his PENIS.
OI stupid, horrible head, stop stealing his turd, you turd burgler!!!1
by Jeremy December 05, 2002
a very powerful person, he owns everyone/everything.
totmur is a feller who owns you in everything.
by jeremy December 08, 2004
Another word for Horny.

Used in conversation otherwise not approrpiate for.
Me: Everytime i see earin, i get unicorn

You: Yeah, i love fairytales....
by Jeremy August 23, 2004