215 definitions by Jeremy

sound effect when playing finger guns, to destroy someone entirely, to be cripped.
I am all like biz.
by jeremy February 06, 2003
commonly used on HALO's multiplayer. stands for "plasma gernade, fragment gernade, rocket". commonly used on stunt servers where players attempt to do glitches (fall through map, fly though walls,get on top of map,etc.)on various HALO maps.
player2: how did you get on top of the map?

player1:pfr the warthog when you're in the top tunnel. if you do it right, you should end up on top of the map.
by jeremy March 07, 2005
One who has the expertise or know-how to govern a cock; One who knows all on the topic of 'cock': One who handles a cock better than the rest.
Dude. My girlfriend is the best cockmaster in all the lands.
by Jeremy November 26, 2004
the suv of any guy that his names starts with a J
dood thats jeremy driven down in his JUV.
by jeremy October 07, 2004
slang term for sex or pussy
Yo, man, I'm hoping to get me some frunk tonight! You hurr?
by Jeremy December 17, 2004
A euphemism for dick-sucking lips; a funny little shortening of dick-sucking lips: often used to confuse others
That girl had ducklips, for real. Damn!
by Jeremy January 31, 2004
Slapping many insanities on a person, most of which are usually not warranted. The main reason most kids today have ADD or take riddilin or other such things. disabilities when really they are just lazy, or stupid.
"Did you hear that Johnny got diagnosed with ADD?" "Bah, thats psychobabble, you know he's just lazy!"
by Jeremy November 10, 2003
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