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Another word for the G-spot.
It stands for Buried Treasure
It's easy to find guys, just take time to find it.
Me: Dude, i found earin's B.T., and it was grand!

You: It's not real!

Me: *Judo Chop* It is real!, i found it, i'm rick james!
by Jeremy August 21, 2004
Something that happens to lots of guys, see premature ejaculation
Last night me and Brett were gettin' it on and he zoomed, *teehee*... man I hate bitches.
by Jeremy March 03, 2004
Is not gay, and likes to pwn a kid named jesse (pathetic)
NiGhThAwK vs Pathetic... NIGHTHAWK WINS
by Jeremy June 23, 2003
A certaint type of shit. not as popular as the ghost shit, the crowd pleaser, or the floater

Bob: Uh Oh....

Fred: What's wrong?

Jack: what's that smell?

Bob: I just had a shakespearian shit...

Fred & Jack: ????

Bob: Thy hath shit thy self
by Jeremy August 21, 2006
sound effect when playing finger guns, to destroy someone entirely, to be cripped.
I am all like biz.
by jeremy February 06, 2003
A euphemism for dick-sucking lips; a funny little shortening of dick-sucking lips: often used to confuse others
That girl had ducklips, for real. Damn!
by Jeremy January 31, 2004
The community college for all the preps from Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Wilmington, and Torrance, CA.
Rich snobby girl from PV: I got a 4.0, but ugh!, I don't have to fill out applications, I'll just go to El Co a.k.a. UC El Camino.
by Jeremy November 24, 2003

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