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Bimbo Quotient. Very similar to IQ; somebody with a high BQ will exhibit all the signs of being a bimbo.
"She has such a high BQ. Seriously, next time you talk to her, look at her eyes. Nothing going on behind them."
by Jeremy June 03, 2005
A short fat penis, a stubby or irrgular shaped penis
yo tha nigga GARRETT has a chode the size of whale
by jeremy March 08, 2005
motel near eat n park where hookers and lonely gentlemen go for pleasure.
Yo, lets go to the Fubar.
by Jeremy June 09, 2004
a sexual activity in which a person chokes their partner until their blue, and then craps on their head.
"i gave Ellie Mae a blue bonnet last night."
by jeremy January 14, 2004
How most black people say three

Yo how much you pay for that swisha sweet?

tree dolla
by Jeremy August 14, 2006
Another word for the G-spot.
It stands for Buried Treasure
It's easy to find guys, just take time to find it.
Me: Dude, i found earin's B.T., and it was grand!

You: It's not real!

Me: *Judo Chop* It is real!, i found it, i'm rick james!
by Jeremy August 21, 2004
Something that happens to lots of guys, see premature ejaculation
Last night me and Brett were gettin' it on and he zoomed, *teehee*... man I hate bitches.
by Jeremy March 03, 2004

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