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A superlative that goes far beyond the bounds of cool - should be reserved only for when something truly is ultra schwey. Never used in an ironic fashion.
I wasn't sure I would like it, but that really was ultra schwey.
by Jeremy January 02, 2004
The style of music defined by odd time signatures and bizarre instrumentation. Shortened version of progressive.
Pink Floyd is prog.
by Jeremy December 26, 2003
sit down and shut up
He only in the 8th grade so he betta cop a seat!
by Jeremy December 10, 2003
so blingin no one can believe it
damn, that car is frigginblingtastic
by Jeremy December 08, 2003
When a digital image becomes blurry and fragmented due to poor file quality, or excess enlargement thereof.
I tried to see more of that bitch but all that damn picture did was pixelize.
by Jeremy November 25, 2003
someone who slays nubs (noobs, newbs, newbies, etc.) in any video game such as Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honour and Call of Duty
"Damn, i am owning, i am a nubslayer"
by Jeremy November 22, 2003
A penis. From the shape and ejaculation
She wants my purple headed yogert shooter!
by Jeremy December 03, 2002

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