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215 definitions by Jeremy

When a young innocent female child star becomes a nude actress in big budget films.
Many people expect Hilary Duff and The Olsen Twins to get showgirl'd.
by Jeremy November 24, 2003
a ancient penis eater of the dinosaur speices
my monkorn ate my penis
by jeremy August 27, 2003
to make someone really crazy
he makamecrazy!
by Jeremy March 30, 2003
A slang term for the penis, whether erect or not so, but being analogous to a garden spout or the mouth of a watering can.
Man, did you see R. Kelly? He was shooting from his out spout like there was no tomorrow!
by Jeremy April 18, 2005
Jeremy Slosberg
From Louisville, Kentucky
Also know as, Jesus Christ Our Savior
Is pretty cool
Slosberg = GOD
by Jeremy January 18, 2004
When a digital image becomes blurry and fragmented due to poor file quality, or excess enlargement thereof.
I tried to see more of that bitch but all that damn picture did was pixelize.
by Jeremy November 25, 2003
someone who slays nubs (noobs, newbs, newbies, etc.) in any video game such as Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honour and Call of Duty
"Damn, i am owning, i am a nubslayer"
by Jeremy November 22, 2003