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Prefix meaning "Plenty, abundance" from Late Latin, from Latin copiae plenty;
In the word "Cornucopia" 'copia' is used as a combining form to mean the "horn of abundance" from Greek mythology.
"Copia-phonics is the musical philosophy invented by Jeremusic "(Alias: Jeremy Feldmesser)
by Jeremusic August 21, 2009
Apologgiature : (n : f) Définition :An unwritten musical embelishement, that manifests as a note of short duration of a semitone above or below that which is written, and followed immediately by such. The apologgiature takes it's name from the phrase "oops, sorry!" that directly follows its use.
version FRANCAIS:

Un embellissement musical, non-écrit, qui se manifeste comme une note très courte, d’un demi-ton d’écart de celui indiqué par la partition, et suivi de suite par ceci. L’apologgiature est si nommé a cause de la phrase « Oops, désolé ! » qui suit directement son utilisation. © Jeremusic 2011
Remember, this piece is written in three flats, so I don't want to hear any apologgiatures!
by Jeremusic October 24, 2011

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