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Wow that was really funny. Usually said late at night when you like using big a Acronym and very tired.
Person1: Dude my mom just had a dream and she was screaming she was on fire!
by Jeremiah6740 October 21, 2007
The act of laughing at someone when they hear depressing news.
(private)Amber - Devin is weird
(Private)Jay - lol Im telling him ;p
Jay - Yo guys Amber thinks devin is creepy
Greg - pfft devin's a fucking freak
devin - /cry
(private)Jay - Aww dammnit, devins crying because I told him and greg is Lawlzoring.
(Private)Amber - You enrage my soul.
by Jeremiah6740 October 28, 2007
A girl or guy you met online and you have a long distance relationship going.
Person1: Hey hows you and Sexygurl245 doing?
Person2: Which E baby is that?
by Jeremiah6740 October 26, 2007

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