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An over used word at vault used to make other people realise how bad they are by saying it loud enough everyone can hear. Some scrubs try to use the word when they fail at games and got nothing better to say.
kurt trys to use an ability at the wrong time and fails epicly letting the entire team down then randomly screams WOW!.
by Jera-Ziah January 18, 2010
Some cunt u cant describe, theres something wrong in there head and u get the urge to smash him/her inexplicably, talks some weird kindsa shit, all over abnormal, a magnet to all shit that can happen, fucks underage people, just a fucking strange motherfucker.
Jez is this guy at vault, he is a crab tree
by Jera-Ziah January 18, 2010
A small oddly shaped penis. Can also be used to descride a person who makes mistakes.
Naytore spilled some milk, he beaned it, what a beaner.
by Jera-Ziah January 18, 2010
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