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A character of an AWESOME British Spy of the 1970's who will go off 'fighting crime' while being excessivley 'HORNEY! BABY YEAH!' has many phrase's that are know to him specifically such as "Do I MAKE YOU ORNEY! BABY!" **That odd way he stare's at a woman in the movie to allure them to his bed**
he also has horribley disgusting teeth which is suprising considering how much sex he gets which he calls 'Shag'
for Austin Powers there are many phrase's that are know to him specifically such as "Do I MAKE YOU ORNEY! BABY!" **That odd way he stare's at a woman in the movie to allure them to his bed** "SHAGG ME UP BABY!"
by Jer-Hey!!! December 23, 2008
All in all in the late 1960's earley 1970's he was 'the coolest cat' or guy around and who always was able to say "EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" with his thumbs up to any situation regardless of the severity of the situation
"EY! the fonz he's here now

(The Fonz) "EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You are too cool man too cool"
by Jer-Hey!!! January 01, 2010
An Australian from (Obiously) the country of Australia & is native blood & is as 'BLOODY ELL! PROUD! to be from Australia'

also a person from the BEST! country in the WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDD!!!
Aussie, Australian, kid from Australia, Steve Irwin, person from Australia
by Jer-Hey!!! November 12, 2008
The most efficent & memorable Catch phrase of the 1970's when the hit show 'HAPPY DAYS' Aired on CBS as said by the ever famous character Fonzie! or the Fonz.......
mostley it would be used to call a friend who is accross the street or to say 'as a modern day cool kid would say' HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or eyyyyyyy!!!!!!
so it's basically a term used to call someone over & to get their attention
AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" JOEY! WHAT'S HAPPENIN MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jer-Hey!!! September 22, 2008
a person who thinks they are right all of the time despite actual correct facts which can contradict their beliefs they stand proud and believe/yell that they are right, they try to be the bigger man to smaller/skinnier kids/people; they tend to try and make fun of people who won't "fight back"
Oh man he was such a Dickhead to me I told him that the way you do the problem is this way and he said to me...NO IT'S THIS WAY! YOU FAGGOT! shut up!
by Jer-Hey!!! June 14, 2010
a Slang word for something derived from simply the word something just with a u as the o and no g giving you sumthin; has the same meaning as something but easyier to spell
In an AIM or MSN messager conversation

"Yo dude you gotta come over & see what I got"
"what is it?"
"SUMTHIN! It's awesome just come over and check it out dude."
by Jer-Hey!!! June 20, 2008
A word that mean absolutley and fantastically AMAZING!!! basically a word to use insted of amazingley (use Boom) and for absolutley fantastic (use tastic) BOOMTASTIC!!!
Dude 1: "WOAH!!!! that was totally Boomtastic dude!"

Dude2: "Richeous! how'd he do that?"

Street Skating Dude: "Yeah...I'm just that Boomtastic!"
by Jer-Hey!!! June 26, 2011
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