3 definitions by Jeph tha 5'9

A 2008 Presidential Nominee who just happens to have a last name that has potential to be abused

1. The lettering of John McCain's last name, McCain, is easy to manipulate.

2. If you were to ask Dr. Rockso (The Rock n' Roll Clown) who his favorite 2008 US nominee was, He might say, "John McCocaine..... Ki-Ka-Kuh-Kuh-YAYAHH!!
by Jeph tha 5'9 February 28, 2008
An extremely financially selfish grocery store known for overcharging customers who don't have their "plus" card, paying their employees as low as the law allows them to, and providing the lowest quality food/drink products out there.
1. Here at Kroger, if you use your plus card, you will save so much money, you'll be paying as low as the Publix next door!

2. Hey come work at Kroger! Unlike the Publix across the street, we will pay you a solid $5.15 an hour!

3. Come to Kroger where our milk expires 7-10 days before the labeled expiration date!
by Jeph tha 5'9 September 18, 2008
The Crystal Method, the best techno group of all time
I love the new tcm album, Community Service 2
by Jeph tha 5'9 August 02, 2007

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