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When a woman's labias hang out or pertrude out to resemble two pieces of folded lunch meat. Some vaginas are this way naturally, though they tend to get that way from a lot of usage like with pornstars or a ho.
"Damn that bitche's pussy's been so beat up she's got lunch meat pussy."

"I got some man-naise to go with that lunch meat pussy!"
#vagina #labia #cunt #pussy lips #pussy
by Jenuine McCoy April 26, 2008
A phrase used to describe when you are doing something that is a charateristic or action commonly affiliated by Chuck Norris like kicking serious ass, and/or doing a thumbs up.

"I busted in that place and I kicked that ass, I was straight Chuck Norrisin' it."

"I'm but to get Chuck Norrisin' on a foo."

"After I tapped that ass, you can bet I had thumbs up straight Chuck Norrisin' it."
#chuck norris #kicking ass #fighting #chunkin' #thumbs up #rolling on
by Jenuine McCoy April 26, 2008
A humorous sexual term to describe when a man is suffocating from having his face sat on for too long. Oral sex to the point of suffocation, usually when describing the act of 69 with a larger woman.
"Damn bitch it's about time you got off my face, you were about to smuffocate my ass."
#69 #eat out #pussy #vagina #eating out
by Jenuine McCoy April 26, 2008
A phrase used to describe when someone is about to, or is in the process of verbally degrading someone. A term to describe what someone is doing when they are clowning.

"Oh you got jokes, You don't want me to start bustin' out the clown shoes.

"Damn, he busted out the clown shoes on that foo."
#clown #clowning #diss #dissing #degrading
by Jenuine McCoy April 26, 2008

1. To agree with, authenticate, or acknowledge.
2. A way to answer "yes".
Jermain: "You coming to that house party later?"
Tate: "Foshodoyo, You know how I do it!"
#fo sho #indeed #yeah #yeey #yes
by Jenuine McCoy April 26, 2008
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