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Someone who likes men, or is a homosexual. The term was engendered at a communal meeting in Boston encompassing a plethora of Boston's more affluent population. There a kid named Kevin ran into the meeting room and began jamming a banana up his anus and another one into his mouth. Than a large black convict who escaped from prison came in and thrust his large genitalia into kevin's or BOSTONMASSACREx's anus alongside the banana. He than said his name was Kevin and that his XBL gamertag was BOSTONMASSACREx. The whole of the non gay group was very offended and from then on referred to BOSTONMASSACRE as a homosexual fag.
Kevin bends over and a large black man puts hius genitalia into his anus. At which point Todd says wow way to be a BOSTONMASSACRE, f'ing homo.
by Jennifer Yorbawitz February 24, 2008

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