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Referring to the high society, all-girls, Catholic, exclusive academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Basically, the rich preppy girls that everyone wants to be. All the girls are overachievers who go to Yale and Harvard for school and will end up making millions in their future careers. They have an obsession with Starbucks and are even getting one built on campus. Popped collars are everywhere. Lacoste and Ralph Lauren tube socks are a must. UGGs are worn all year round. These girls are responsible and very hard workers. They are very gifted, and this school is only meant for the smartest and richest. They live in the swankiest neihborhoods with parents that make too much money. Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga bags are much too common. They often overwork themselves to the point of mental breakdowns. They strive for perfection. They want to be THE best.
The girl in the brand new black Mercedes Benz is an Ursula girl.
The girl whose dad drives her to school in his Rolls Royce is an Ursula girl.
The parking lot filled with BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Hummers, Cadillacs, Lambourghinis, Porcshes, and Audis is the Ursula parking lot.
The girl in the Dolce & Gabbana dress with the Jimmy Choo black pumps goes to Ursula.
The girls with their Chanel bags and oversized designer sunglasses go to Ursula.
The girls with 4.0 GPAs go to Ursula.
St. Ursula Academy is the best.
by Jennifer YEAH! November 18, 2006

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