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The nature of acting like a primate, or large baboon in polite surrounding. Completely devoid of manners. Uncivil and graceless.
His mandrillic perceptions of women left him dateless and frustrated
#uncivil #impolite #graceless #rude #bad-mannered
by Jennifer Lawson Zepeda August 09, 2009
A new dance in urban centers of Southern California involving jumping around to hip hop, using back peddling motions as you would on a bicycle, dipping down to the ground and jumping back up, and straining your knees so they roll inward like in the "tootsie roll." It has a few movements from the "Crip Walk" and several dances all rolled into the "Jerk."
That white boy was jerkin' like a goon.
#dance #crip walk #tootsie roll #stanky leg #hip hop
by Jennifer Lawson Zepeda August 09, 2009
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