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A manner of dress that while providing ample amounts of comfort also appears bedraggled and disheveled.

Dressing frumpily in order to attain comfort.

When I got home Friday afternoon, I donned my sweats and my toe socks and plopped on the couch, and was all kinds of frumptable...
#dress #clothing #frumpy #comfy #cozy
by Jennifer Lankenau July 02, 2007
spoll-jize A reluctant apology, as in "I suppose I apologize". Insincere atonement.
Impressed by my quick wit and cleverness, my conversation companion quickly informed me that what I had said was rude and insensitive. I disagreed, and thusly spolgized.
#sarcasm #apology #amends #insincerity #flippant
by Jennifer Lankenau August 17, 2006
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