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came from the words, your mother... originally used by black people to insult ones mother.. now white people just say it in a high pitch to be annoying.
YA MAMA is a hoochie
by Jennifaa March 03, 2005
comes from the word "crackwhore" means a stupid male/female that has done something uncalled for, then they are called crackhoes.
1)Shut up you stupid crackhoe!
2)That crackhoe just took my money!
by Jennifaa March 03, 2005
a great mate, shes great
she rocks, she is REAAAALY madly funnAY
like Z0eEY
mwahahhah she knows what im meaning bout teehee
damn ur gr8......ur like z0e:)
by jenniFAA March 28, 2004

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