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a) The worlds greatest video game ever created by Nintendo

b) the Princess of the game you have to save in every single game except for the Oracle series and has the highest honor of having an awesome game named after her but she doesn't do ANYTHING AT ALL

c) Link's second name given to him by people who knows the game but are too ignorant to remember Link's real name.
a) "Dude have you played the latest Zelda game? I love how Link turns into a wolf in it!"

b) "Hey man, do you know how annoying Princess Zelda is starting to become? Princess Peach from the Mario games have more personality than her! In fact Peach has her own game where she saves Mario and Luigi even!!!!"

c) (taken from real life)
Me: *wearing a Legend of Zelda shirt with the first original Link on it behind his shield*

Random person: *looks at it* Oh hey! I know him! He's Zelda!

Me: No, his name is LINK. *piss*

RP: Really? I thought his name was Zelda, why do they call it 'The Legend of Zelda' If Zelda is not his name?

ME: It's the Princess' Name So apparently that's why they named it The Legend of Zelda.
by JennieO of Hyrule64 August 17, 2008

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