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3 definitions by JennieLynn23

An acronym/nickname for a sleezy night club fully translates to the Dirty Fucking Club. This term is reserved for night clubs that hold themselves to be super luxurious when in fact they are barely one step up from a strip club or a disco on a cruise ship.
Jody: “Hey, I thought you were going out with Tom tonight?”

Jenna: “Oh no, that douche bag is up in the D.F.C. again tonight!”
by JennieLynn23 April 29, 2009
45 35
Describes the complicated love and affection shared by two women in a non-sexual platonic relationship. The female version of a bromance.
Boyfriend: “You and Andrea are together so much it is as if you two are dating!”

Girlfriend: “Don’t be jealous of our reladyship!”
by JennieLynn23 April 28, 2009
9 1
Using the guise of a “dinner date” when in fact, you are actually luring a date into a bootycall. The asking party has no real interest in having a meal together and just wants to get the lured party into the sack.
Bro #1: I am having dinner with Lynne later.
Bro #2: Is this a real date?
Bro #1: Hell no dude! This is strictly a foodycall!
by jennielynn23 June 17, 2009
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