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21 definitions by Jennie

A prostitute or the act of prostitution.
Ivette and Fiorella are dirty hoes. On the weekends, they turn tricks.
by Jennie October 03, 2004
14 19
An adjective used to describe an event which was equally boring and tiresome.
The lecture was snoring.
by Jennie March 22, 2003
9 15
Reffering to The Boy With The Thorn In His Side, the character in Pete Wentz's book.

See also: Clandestine Industries, Fall Out Boy
"The Boy is adorable in an ugly sort of way. You can't help but love him."
by Jennie April 16, 2005
8 15
bitchslap; when bitches slap yo ass real hard
guy: you fuckin mufukin`-
girl: *slaps*
by jennie October 05, 2004
6 26
happy,perky,excessivly happy, just zany in general
Im feeling simply zippy today!
by jennie December 08, 2002
24 44
When your ass gets all sweaty and chaffed from recieving too much anal sex.
Best when a banana is used and the act is performed in your brand new kitchen.
Jeff Misner has the nastiest monkey butt i've ever seen.
by Jennie August 01, 2004
5 49
A stupid term created by a jerk with no life out of pure jealousy of the talent and stunningly good looks of Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley, Joe Trohman, and Patrick Stump.
Some kid: Ew I hate the Fall Out Fags.
Me: Fuck you, you just have shitty taste in music.
by Jennie April 16, 2005
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