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Spoof Catcher refers to the vagina capable of holding vast quantities of spoof released from the Spoof Cannon.
My Spoof Cannon's full.
by Jennie August 25, 2004
When a girl is giving head and the guy's about to cum, the girl chomps down on his dick and the cum squirts out into her mouth.
Did you hear that Craig got head last night from Morgan? She gave him an albino snapdragon but he still wants more.
#albino dragon #dragon #blowjob #blow job variation #head
by Jennie January 08, 2009
See also: softcore.
Fall Out Boy is for lovers, Chicago sXc.
by Jennie May 01, 2005
A small weed smoking town with lots or druggys and stoners.
dude lets go to granton
by Jennie January 30, 2004
When you get kidnapped!!!
1. I can't come into work today, I've been snagglebagged.

2. Those terrorists snagglebagged the planes on 9/11.

3. Little Sally was riding her bike home when the ice cream man snagglebagged her and raped her. Aka Dad.
#kidnap #booty #sex #handcuffs #child pornography #cucumber #rim job
by Jennie January 08, 2009
A playful insult.
See also homosexual bear.
Benjamin won't upload pictures of himself from his trip because he is a ninnie bear.
#bear #insult #poop #fuck #turd #retard
by Jennie January 08, 2009
Precipitation; a droplet which has the heaviness/volume/outward apperance of snow but the wetness factor of rain.
The snain came down so heavy that my book bag and shoes are soaked
by Jennie March 22, 2003
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