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a sporadic hook-up with no strings attached that continues over a lengthy period of time; NOTE: This must occur over a period of time so that it is not confused with dating and getting to know someone to determine if there is something more. At this point, it's clear there is nothing "there" but you both have nothing else going on, so why not get a little more action? This can even be used for ex-boyfriend/girlfriend hook-ups with no intention of getting back together.
Do you or your friends ever hook-up (doesn't need to be sex) with the same person over and over even if there is no "real" realtionship or commitment? If you or your friends have this, you have a repeater! Example of use in a sentence: "Allsion met a repeater tonight!" -or- "Meredith were you with repeater last night?!"
by JennaDD September 17, 2007

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