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As far as I am concerned (being female and all) it is immediate gratification. Usually expidiated with the assistance of a dildo, vibrator or the good 'ol finger trick.
Ashley received instant pleasure after double clicking her mouse.
by Jenna Tolls April 26, 2006
Of or pertaining to sapphic relations; a woman who finds herself performing cunnilingus; female, same-sex relations.
That Ashley, she is such a muff piggy.
Look at the girl, she is without a doubt a muff piggy.
by Jenna Tolls October 23, 2006
Of, or pertaining to a muff that is so ridiculously large it busts in your face as you try to go down.
Kasia's bush is a muff buster. Kasia's rug muff busted in Justin's face.
by Jenna Tolls April 26, 2006
1. a text message or series of text messages employed to hold the attention of pleasantly or agreeably

2. to divert or amuse an individual otherwise unable to do so oneself via text message

3. a cellular distraction from an otherwise mundane activity
Ashley: Chris can you please send me a riddle? I am losing my sh*t at work.

Christopher: Not a problem, I'll textertain while you are at work.
by Jenna Tolls October 08, 2010

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