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American Eagle's sub-brand of women's dorm wear and intimates. You can order online or even through the store for more sizes and products.
"I needed some new undies so I headed over to the aerie store in West County since my American Eagle doesn't have much."
by Jenna N. Stricker December 17, 2006
(n.) a dinosaur that has been abducted by pirates and taken on board. Only to later on, join in the pirate's many wars after haven fallen in love with the tiger trapped in a cage in the bottom of the boat. Bullets flying everywhere, swords hitting bone... the dinosaur reemerges minus a leg and an eye but still holding onto pride. Slap on a wooden leg and an eye patch and hand it a sword, and there you have it: dinopirate.
raawr i'm a dinosaur
arrgg i'm a pirate
RAAWRRG! Ima dinopirate!!!!
- and the only one on earth
by Jenna N. Stricker August 08, 2006

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