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A slightly expensive clothing store in Southern Ontario that is similar to West 49 except West 49 is truly meant for the boarder. They sell brands like Roxy, Volcom, DC, Etnies, Paul Frank, Element..etc. They specialize in just having that skater look instead of actually selling skateboards. Alot of girls who shop there dont even board/surf and that kinda pisses people off. I shop there quite often myself but I dont wear the clothes just to 'look' punk.
PoserGirl: Hey, im going shopping at boathouse row today, wanna come?
SkateChick: you dont even skateboard why do u shop there?
PoserGirl: I just cause I like the brands and it makes me look skater.
SkateChick: poser!
by Jenna Jacobs August 11, 2006

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