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57 definitions by Jenna

sweaty cheese balls (sweaty dick)
damn this SCB sure is good on my crackers
by Jenna August 13, 2003
3 35
the best show ever
the oc on fox wed. nights is the best show ever
by jenna April 14, 2004
17 50
my macky :)
"i love you, hunny bunny"
by jenna May 07, 2003
66 111
cone shaped doob. Usually used with talking about one mixed with tobacco but also just a fat joint. :)
That is a fat ass splif
by Jenna April 29, 2004
100 155
Proper noun, a name of an actual living person -- real birth name given in early 1970's. Jawn Gross from Pennsylvania, very cool musician and composer.
Jawn Gross wrote a new song -- sounds like Dove Award material to me.
by Jenna June 16, 2003
4 61
Beautiful place of fascinating pictures and witty conversation. Maybe.
4chan rules, but what happened to my beloved /g/?
by Jenna December 18, 2004
557 617
Canada's version of Starbucks. Unfortunatly Canadain Tim Hortons investors purchased 38% of the Wendys Corparation (no Wendy's didn't purchase them, Tim Hortons owned a parent company Tims Donught Stores in the US who also had connections to Wendys. When TD Stores went under Tim Hortons CEO and investors made a deal with Wendys to keep the Tim brand in the United States, Investors purchased 38% of the Wendys Corp.) Starbucks would domonate Canada, but when Tim Hortons joined with Wendys they went on a store opening spree across Canada with all there surplus money( they did this around the same time Starbucks entered the Canadian market)
American visting Canadian relative: "hey wanna go to starbucks with me?"
Other Canadian: "eww Starbucks is American, Americans corparations suck! They are trying to take over Canada EHHHH? EH EH EH? EH!!!! I ONLY eat at Tim Hortons"
American visting Canadian relative: "excuse me? Starbucks rocks"
by Jenna May 11, 2006
35 134