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Oyez is a word meaning; ''Oh yea!'' or that you're agreeing, perhaps in a keniving way.
''He gonna die!.......oyez..''

''I won the National Gonch Streaking Contest! Oyez!''
by JennZorz April 22, 2006
Klubba is the name of the rough, tough alligator in the 1994 edition of Donkey Kong Country 2, for the SNES.
He bears a large spiked club, and bullies the monkies with it if they don't have enough money to get past him for the next section of the game.
1) Klubba is one musclebound 'gator!

2) Beware of Klubba...he'll schmack you a good one with his spiked bat.
by JennZorz April 21, 2006
Rap~Retards Attempting Poetry.

More seriously, it's a combination of simple fast vocals choc-full of expletives and short beats.
''Look at that retard (rapper)! He's attempting poetry!''
by JennZorz April 22, 2006

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