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Disney's latest tween idol, but unlike Miley Cyrus, actually has a lot of talent.
Pretty much the only reason Camp Rock rocked.
Probably going to be "the next big thing", and in fact has been introduced as so by Disney.
Has gained lots of "haters", most of them 10 year old girls who think they will someday become "Mrs. Joe Jonas"
Will probably be a big thing for a while, not a few years like current reigning pop queen Miley Cyrus.'
Francesca-Hey, did you see Camp Rock on Friday?
Beatrice-Heck yes I did!
Francesca-Wasn't Joe just a dream?
Beatrice-Joe? I wasn't even paying attention to him. Demi Lovato rocks!
Francesca-Ewwww, I hate her!
Beatrice-Why? She's frickin awesome!
Francesca-Well, I guess she's okay...but it's so disgusting how clingy she is with Joe! Miley's so much better. She would never do anything like that!
Beatrice-No comment.
by Jenette L July 10, 2008

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