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The painful state of constipation due to the consumption of too much popcorn. If raw kernels are accidentally eaten, the condition may eventually become an Orvilles Delight
I told my girlfriend to lay off the popcorn during What Dreams May Come, but she didn't listen. I laughed at her later that night when she had a bad case of Redenbacher's Revenge.
by Jena Talia May 31, 2006
A rather brutal turd that contains nuts
I better lay off these peanuts or I'll end up with an Orville Delight
by Jena Talia May 02, 2006
A giant turd, usuually taken at a friends house, that leaves stains in the toilet
I snuck out of Davids house after taking a huge scoob. His parents hate all the poo stains on the toilet
by Jena Talia March 31, 2006
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