10 definitions by Jena

Short for MOFO, which is short for Mother F'er... Used when somebody is being extremely MOFO-ic, and think they're a bad aaah from the skreets.
What up NuggA?
Aww BiT.. You just a MO!
by Jena March 16, 2005
extreme form of arshmonkey
You damn fuckmonkey!
by Jena December 28, 2003
the sexiest man ever! i totally love the guy he is so awsome. hes been on cky jackass viva la bam and hes in tony hawk proskater! hes an awsome skater and anyone who thinks different is just a haterrrrrrr!
great sexy skater who i love so mucho!
by Jena May 25, 2004

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