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The upper arm fat of an extremely obese person. Hangs down and swings back and forth.
Look at what's her face, she's wearing that short-sleeved shirt again, with her meat hanging out.
by JenThe80'sFan August 30, 2004
performing 69 while running and deficating at the same time.
I think that raab himself would be all over a running blumpkin after what I saw in that CKY video.
by JenThe80'sFan July 20, 2004
The upper peninsula of Michigan.
Up north is a virtual mystery to those of us from the lower peninsula.
by JenThe80'sFan May 12, 2004
What your response is in a job interview when you want to sound like you know what you're talking about
Job Seeker: A couple of my strong suits are starting fights with my co-workers and calling in sick at least twice a month.

Interviewer: We'll let you know.
by JenThe80'sFan June 23, 2004
Something someone who wears seasonal sweaters would say in response to seeing something pleasing.
Look at that kitten sweater with the rhinestones glued to it? Isn't that jazzy?
by JenThe80'sFan February 03, 2004
To carelessly destroy something in the past tense.

A way to prepare potatoes.
Did you see that apartment when Ted moved out? It was MASHED!

Did you see the way Ted made that potato? It was MASHED!
by JenThe80'sFan February 03, 2004
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