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Doing it through a hole in the roof of a moving caravan.
Guy: Duuuuuuuuude, do you wanna go to 999th base?

Girl: Have you got a caravan?
by Jen der Bende September 12, 2007
An unsavoury move involving butter as a lubricant. Often performed under the table in seedy, or occasionally high class restaurants.
1. "My ho gave me a butter job last night!!"
by Jen der Bende March 26, 2007
A totally unorthadox move best practised in KFC, usually performed by a "slutty" person. Is also referred to the genitalia of an unsavoury person - note the "bargain", implying that the foresaid person is cheap.
1. "Paris Hilton - oh my god, she is SUCH a bargain bucket."
2. "Paris Hilton - oh my god, have you SEEN her bargain bucket?"
3. "Paris Hilton gave me a bargain bucket last night. It was awesome!"
by Jen der Bende March 26, 2007
No one is really sure what a tubbard is, but here are the recognized definitions:

1. A small penis used as a straw
2. A dick with a hole in the middle
3. A weiner that is bigger than the owner's head
4. A superior form of cock.

In the plural it is 'tubbi'. If something is good then it could be "tubbardacious".
1. "God, did you see him drink that strawberry milkshake with his tubbard? It was so fast!"
2. "His tubbard could fit a ship in!"
3. "You've got a big head and an even bigger tubbard!"
4. "Wow, your tubbard was way tastier than his dick!"
5. "Look at his tubbi!"
6. "You got the job? How tubbardacious!"
by Jen der Bende July 18, 2006
The plural of tubbard.
"Man, I have 28 tubbi!"
by Jen der Bende September 07, 2006
1. A naked boy who is very, very, very cold.
2. A boy who is entranced by a girl who always leaves him at the height of sexual tension is said to give him "blue balls" (us. while boy is going through puberty).
3. A term used for cold testicles.
4. Testicles that have been painted blue.
1. "Mam, sleeping in the snow has given me blue balls!"
2. "Oh Bazza, she keeps giving me blue balls!"
3. "My blue balls are like ice cubes!"
4. "I used True Azure paint from B&Q to get these blue balls."
by Jen der Bende September 07, 2006
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