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1 definition by Jen Lei-wa

A derrogative term often used by members of the chinese gay internet subculture to express an individual with traits that are not sought by the community as a whole.

Individuals that are labelled as dwags may often express overly submissive tendencies and are oft associated with the subculture of fisting.

Another use of the term dwag can be observed in the transgender community residing in and around the southern parts of the Dzungarian Basin area. In this area "dwag" is not seen as an invective and the use of the term is not as heavily berated as in the urban areas where the other definition is dominant. In this region the term is conjoined with the phrase shuw danieeru uaa k asu beshu coming from the Dzungarian dialect and meaning "your hips are wide" which is interpreted as a way of acknowledging the transpersons struggle to transition.

Considering the general ambiguity and the dilated meaning of the word as well as the shifting use from region to region it is wise not to utter the word when one is not absolutely certain of how it is going to be interpreted.

The use of the term dwag is generally frowned upon (the exception being in the aformentioned region).

Zongua mingho dwag chen shui-bian
by Jen Lei-wa January 21, 2008
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