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169 definitions by Jen

A fictitious place inhabited by an abundance of meth freaks from all around the world. They gather to snort and smoke to their hearts content.
Isn't she currently living in Methadonia?
by Jen April 14, 2005
4 80
A 1/4 square mile hellhole full of some of the most classless wealthy/moderately affluent people alive. An area of Manhattan smeared with dog shit and smelling strongly of piss. The UES is full of rude old people with tacky accents who wear fur in 55-degree weather. It is also home of the brattiest children alive, all of which who have a minority nanny or are cocaine-snorthing whores.
Remember the movie Cruel Intentions? Throw a few thousand of those little ParisHiltonesque pursepuppies, and there's your accurate depiction of the upper east sider.
by jen May 13, 2005
192 270
It's same as "grinding".

Freak dancing should mean: A person who tries grinding, but is not good at it.
Hence the word "freak", which means "A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular".
Danica is good at freak dancing, but Sally can grind!
by Jen June 19, 2006
35 126
The female gamer that will kick your ass at Counter Strike, Halo 2, Unreal Tournament, and Mario Kart! She is Pymp Tyte!
The one and only Misfit!
by Jen February 10, 2005
50 210
this word refers to the state, New Jersey, therefore making the meaning say 'uncoool' much like the state that smells so bad
why are u hanging out with that kid, he's so jersey!
by jen October 01, 2004
38 213
1) a feminist who refuses to subscribe to logic
2) a manhater
3) dislikes all men because of the societal pressures women face, but is unwilling to concede to the fact that the sentiment is perpetuated by both sexes
4) aggressive towards men because of their sex
5) promoter of reverse sexual discrimination; often feels her sexism is justified because of the "attrocities endured by women"
6) does not adhere to the philosophy of feminism, but instead promotes a simplified, inaccurate, uniformed view
She is such a feminazi!
by jen February 08, 2004
1768 1950
Hot and Sexy. Used only to describe a significant other.
Mike and Jen are very hoxy; ooh how they are hot and sexy.
by Jen January 20, 2004
16 237