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a sexual manuever in which after getting a blowjob and ejaculating in the girl's mouth the man punches her in the stomach causing semen to come out her nose, the two trails look like tusks, giving her the appearance of a "sloppy walrus"
The bitch was totally pissing me off so I gave her a sloppy walrus.
by Jem Stinkyfish April 02, 2004
during oral sex the man removes his member from the girl's mouth and slaps her across the face with it
The girl was going way too slow to get me off so I gave her a john wayne across the face.
by Jem Stinkyfish April 02, 2004
while in the act of anal sex in the moments prior to blowing his load the man punches the girl in the small of her back causing her anus to contract and thus providing and even tighter oraface for the man
That slut had a loose asshole so I gave her a jolly roger.
by Jem Stinkyfish April 02, 2004

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