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One of Forrest Gump-like disposition, lacking in basic cognitive and linguistic skills. Possessing a knack for having a constant look of bemusement on their face.

Also used to describe the language spoken/typed by a person of Gumpish disposition.
Matthew: "he ring up late not and got tell there is no problem with it."

Smithie: "Dude...that sounds so gumpish, what the hell are you talking about?"
by Jellyfish December 15, 2005
To test the idiot-proof nature of a technical document by getting the stupidest person you work with to try and follow it.
"Can you get someone to gump test this doco before we make it available to everyone?"
by Jellyfish March 06, 2006
Gumpette: An individual of the female gender who demonstrates distinctively gumpish behavior.
Concerned User: Hmm... it appears that I am missing some emails?

Customer Service Gumpette: It not that they are missing, there are problem with the exchange at the moment, a lot of at people are having the same problem...
by Jellyfish January 31, 2007

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