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It is the cream that erupts inside you when a man ejaculates.
Oh man, that vanilla douche was extreme! It filled up my uterus!
by jelly3299 November 05, 2010
one that does a perverted thing after doing something else perverted
He proved he was a postvert when he rubbed his crotch after dropping his pants.
by Jelly3299 January 28, 2010
1. denial of injection
2. injection occurring outdoors
3. outjecting to a woman as injecting is to a man
4. when a man cums inside a woman and she outjaculates his juices.
1. I got a hot beef outjection yesterday. She wouldn't let me inside her.
2. Oh my gawd dude, we were getting it on at the park last night and I outjected her in the open.
3. I slept with Jose last night and I outjected him.
4. Melanie outjected all of Sven's jucies after he came inside her.
by Jelly3299 April 09, 2010

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