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A substance that accumulates in tight underwear usually in the summertime from not bathing or changing your underwear for several days. Resembling expired cottage cheese and smelling just as curdled.
I haven't showered in a week and my boxer briefs are full of ball muck.
by Jelloman |..|(~_~)|..| December 03, 2008
a person that does something purposely to piss you off
Did you just see that dick bite pull out in front of you?
by Jelloman |..|(~_~)|..| January 25, 2009
an extremely large, smelly bowel movement
Don't go in there for a while!


Cause I left a massive ass roast in the toilet!
by Jelloman |..|(~_~)|..| January 09, 2009
A porno that involves short women earning their "red wings" by eating out another woman who's on her period and loving it.
Wow look at that short chick with period blood all over her face!

Yeah. This is a prime example of gay midget vampire porn.
by Jelloman |..|(~_~)|..| April 27, 2010

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