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A Grobanite can be characterized as a rapid woman or man who enjoys the auricle ecstacy of Josh Groban's harmonious voice. Many of them rampage through the streets in the pursuit of being 'Joshed'

See Joshed Grobanitis and/or obsessed
Josh Groban's fans are known as Grobanites.

I think the Grobanites are beginning to scare Josh.
by Jel-kaj January 22, 2004
An illness pertaining to and/or restricted to Grobanites.

Characterized by sudden twitching and obbsessive listening to music by Josh Groban. Grobanitis becomes a serious problem and is also known as "Josh-Deprovation"

See Grobanite
I think I'm gettin' Grobanitis! I haven't heard Josh in three hours!
by Jel-kaj January 22, 2004
1) A word of complete randomness shouted as if to endanger public safety. Ex. Instead of 'FIRE' shout 'PICKLE WEASEL'

2) When one is confused, pickle weasel is a term used as substitution for an answer to a question given by a teacher, instructor or professor.
1)*randomly shouts* PICKLE WEASEL

2) Mr. Hohlt: Jenna, what is the answer to number two?

Jenna: Uhh..uhh..uh..*drool* PICKLE WEASEL *slobber*
by Jel-kaj January 22, 2004
1)Anything pertaining to being a 'cool' fag.

2) A term commonly used to describe somthing 'queer,gay,wack,etc.' but not the the extent of being able to use the word 'fag'
1)Dude! That teacher was so gay he was fagadellic!

2)Bob:You are such a fag.
Billy-Jo-Bob:No.. I'm just fagadellic!
by Jel-kaj January 22, 2004
The act of or being found in the act of a presumably 'sexual act' in an uncontrolled situation. Pertains only to male teachers, proffesors or instructors.
Mr. Hohlt was in the white taxi.
by Jel-kaj January 22, 2004
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