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(AKA A number 1) Of the highest rating.
This steak is really A-1!

I would like to get an A number 1 secretery for a change.
by Jekaterina March 23, 2006
phr. "the end"; "good-bye guys." (Spanish.)
If you step out in front of a car like tha again, it's adios muchachos.

I've got a gun aimed at your navel. If you move so much as one muscle, you can just say adios muchachos.
by Jekaterina March 23, 2006
An insignificant person or thing.
Tell that abbreviated piece of nothing to get his tale over here, but fast!

Why don't you drive your abbreviated piece of nothing over to the service station and have a muffer put on?
by Jekaterina March 23, 2006
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