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A word used to describe a gangster-looking person in the area of Ironwood, Michigan.
"Burger, Look! Its Devon and Kevin

Fairy! What a couple of Thug-mods"

*Yells at them* "THUG-MODS!!!!"
by Jeffydmr May 03, 2010
A laugh or snicker of agreement that can be said at any moment and make a conversation better.
"Whoah! Jill has big tits!"
"Oh Yes she does! Schnee-he-he!"
by Jeffydmr May 03, 2010
A person of a group of many fourwheelers. Consists of people in Hurley, Wisconsin. Groups of 6 or more.
"Hey call up the rest of the quad-mods. We are going muddin!"
by Jeffydmr May 03, 2010
When a vampire blows a dinosaurs tail.
"Dude! It's so gross! Izzy gave Dino a tail job in the elevator again!"
"That"s fucking sick man."
by Jeffydmr May 17, 2010
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