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2 definitions by Jeffrey M

It is commonly misunderstood for the time inbetween wars, getting along, or any other peachy definition you can think of. Peace is a combination of love, harmony with all living beings, care, sharing, and freedom. If we all look hard enough we can find peace within ourselves, no matter how ruthless you are. If we all examine ourselves we would be able to make the world a trully peaceful place. Remember that the next time an under privladged person asks you for some spare change. Spread peace. Its something we all need to do.
Peace lives within all beings, if you look hard enough you will see it.
by Jeffrey M June 23, 2007
12 6
A sleezy guy who becomes even sleezier after a few drinks. Enjoys general sleeziness and sleezy situations. Known for failed attempts at getting girls to shack with him, bad decisions, and messy relationships.
Hey man, look at Spencer. He's acting like such a sleezebag again. There's no way she wants anything to do with him.
by Jeffrey M November 26, 2006
34 142