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A race of people that were doing amazingly well around a thousand years ago that already had set up banks and schools while the english were still hiting each other with clubs. But around 50 years ago when they established communism everything pretty much went downhill from there and a good number of them now want to come to the US and Canada to get better jobs and have a better life.
communism never works...
by Jeffrey Davidson July 03, 2005
An object of such large mass it creates such a deep impact into the space fabric that it has the possibilities of tearing through its very fabric and creating holes to other possible dimensions except the 7th and 298th dimensions which are too improbable to exist. This word should be used as a noun.
The large zebedee could not be broken down by the blackhole.

Light is so much affected by the zebedee that it will gravitate towards it and possible have its photons stuck against the surface permanently.
by Jeffrey Davidson April 04, 2005
A branch of the word Chunker used to describe one who is basically a little chubster, or as others would say, a "fatty fatty 2 by 4 can't fit through the kitchen door". The word Tunker compares the person to the size of that of a Tanker Truck, specifically ones holding gas for whicles, to make fun of their obese appearence. To be called a Tunker is a lighter insult than being called other such terms as a "fat ass", and is usually used in situations as a code word as not to hurt the feelings of the person being called the term. Tunker is one of the newer words that has entered the vast amount of insults in the English language.
Dillon: Is your little brother Johnny fat?
Andrew: Ya, he's a little Tunker.
Dillon: Thought so..
by Jeffrey Davidson August 24, 2006
An adjective to describe one that eats only chocolate and or other sweets while still staying at a very low weight and near death body condition.
You eat nothing but sweets! Your such a Kokul!

Its strange how you can stay so thin while eating garbage you Kokul!
by Jeffrey Davidson April 04, 2005

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