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3 definitions by JeffoMcReffo

a bell end.

An idiot, a dick head

"ya fuckin cheb end"
"aoahh mate, your a cheb end."
by JeffoMcReffo July 06, 2007
A cainer is a british slang term for a person who likes to cain (take drugs, smoke weed, drink alchohol)
The word cain can mean to indulge in something to a rather extreme extent. This particularly relates to the 'caining' of drugs, alchohol and marijuana.

"That fuck heads a right cainer"
"My mate Daveo cained all of the coke"
"Alright cainer, shall we get hammered tonight?"
"That greeny lads a right cainer."
by JeffoMcReffo July 06, 2007

A term used to describe a females bum hole.

I was well on for sliding one up her pupper
Mate, did you do her up the pupper?
by JeffoMcReffo July 06, 2007