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3 definitions by Jeffery Lamsburg

HXC 4 JC: Hard core for jesus christ. made up by people who worship christianity and wanted to make it appealing to a younger generation.
Dood I m HXC 4 JC! Praze teh lord!
by Jeffery Lamsburg April 03, 2005
26 20
When you stab someone with a blunt object then proceed to flog them with a fish (preferably halibut)
mister guy: WOAH MAN I TOTALLY CAKED YOU IN THAT GAME! Samson: Who the hell are you and where's my lunch.
by Jeffery Lamsburg August 20, 2005
6 13
Death metal with a different name. people do not realize that it's the same thing because the usual audience of gridcore does not think "Death metal" supports anything they believe in. In fact the only difference i can understand between death metal and grindcore is grindcore is sped up. i.e. speed up a pantera track and you got yourself grindcore.
"no you don't. you love death metal. shut up."
by Jeffery Lamsburg August 06, 2005
9 42