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A freak. A "human" whose phallus is thrice the size of any mortal man. A legend whose extraordinary penis size is matched only by the size of his muscles.
One who fits the characteristics of "Donkey-Dong" also typically doubles as a Chief-Potowatome.
Rob is the Donkey-Dong.
by Jeff John April 06, 2004
A psycho whose love of the male body becomes abundantly clear when Y-Chromosomes are present and darkness surrounds his powerful body.
A freak who enjoys licking assholes in the darkest hours of the night.
Rob is Chief-Potowatome.
by Jeff John April 06, 2004
Stands for Tool-Bomb.

When a person is a big time tool, but gets upset when friends constantly remind him of this. Friends use this phrase, often in conjunction with "t-ing him up" to soften the otherwise harsh blow.

Characteristics include:
-Crying while listening to John Mayer
-Being ultra-sensitive
-Not shaving neck
-Slam poetry
-Homosexual tendancies
Markese is the T-Bomb.
by Jeff John March 31, 2004

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