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3 definitions by Jeff Frank

The act of being both drunk as hell and high as 'ish at the same time.
Man, I really need to get a little crossfade tonight!
by Jeff Frank June 09, 2005
Weed grown in the state of Oregon, usually in Eugene, and usually some of the best shit you can find. Includes Train Wreck, Purple Nurple, Ambrosia and a shitload of other danky, sticky greeny. A play on the word Oregonic.
Jeff: Dude, I got some danky Orecronic

Mike: Is there any other type?
by Jeff Frank March 31, 2007
1) (Pronounced Weed Sch-moke) The Act of Smoking weed.

2) The actual cloud of THC produced by burning green.
1) Dude, we need to get some Weed Smoke in like now!

2) Dude, great blow on that weed smoke
by Jeff Frank June 18, 2007