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A high trained doctor in a specialized field that combines Protology and Dentistry.

These specialists are very expert and locating teeth in your rectum or feces and putting them back where they belong.
Mike pissed off Travis so much that he ended up sending him to the Proctodentalogist before he was "shitting teeth."
by Jeff D April 24, 2003
A large group of organized homosexual men working toward a cause (ie- usually the promotion and proliferation of gay values)

See "Gay Mafia"
Wow, that Fagtion sure organized a big parade.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
Acne or similar type breakout on the chin from exposure to excessive "taco sauce" (vaginal juices).

---common in Lesbians or "hungryman" due to "extended stay" ---
Both those girls must be Lesbians because they each have tacochin.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
Very Large Fake Tits with Massive Oreo Cookie Sized Nipples.
Those are obviously "Double Stuffed Oreo's" because they don't sag or bounce at all.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
When someone expresses something that would warrant acknowledgement, but it goes lacking instead.
Adam thought he had taught Eve lacknowledgement so as not to talk to J.D. - but his power was too strong and she succumbed.
by Jeff D October 24, 2005
A very bad toupee. - Short for SHitty RUG.
That guy should get rid of that Shrug and try Hair Club for Men.
by Jeff D April 23, 2003
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