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Thinking a dude is gay but just forgetting about it since he's cool anyway.
by Jeff D April 20, 2003
When nipples don't protrude as they normally should and actually invert.
Broom-Hilda StitsHass has a very hot twat, but her tits have nopples instead of nipples.
by Jeff D February 13, 2006
Short for "FUck BAck" which is the low back pain that results from vigorous sex or perhaps unorthodox positions.
FUBA also just happens to people that are out of shape and don't fuck enough.
Wow! I had a great time banging her last night but woke up with severe FUBA.

Recommended for FUBA -- Chiropractic & Yoga
by Jeff D April 20, 2003
Overly common slang that people sling around excessively.
I'm really tired of hearing the same slang words being slung around all the time!
by Jeff D March 11, 2006
Fake french for "Let It All Go."
Those people and things don't mean anything to me anymore so it's time to letit'allgo
by Jeff D October 14, 2005
1) Someone who sucks up to another to gain favor but is generally insincere in their presentation.

2) someone that literally sticks their face into another ass and probably even submits to a "dirty sanchez" from time to time.

See "tongue in cheek"
She is obviously a brownoser considering the shit all over her face.

by Jeff D April 23, 2003
Short for Real Estate (RE) Bubble.
When this REubble blows, there will be a lot of foreclosures where people will be Greenspanked.
by Jeff D October 13, 2005

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