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1) Slang term for Vagina.

2) any orifice one might use to park his cock.
I made her pussy my Cockgarage last night until I shot my "Mushroom Cloud" on her "Double Stuffed Oreo's"
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
Combinded & condensed version of "Absolutely Fabulous"
That Rush concert was fabsolute!
by Jeff D July 28, 2004
1) Utter amazement at what an ASS someone can be.
2) To be completely enamoured and obsassed by an incredibly fantasstic ASS!
I'm doubly asstonished by both your continued bitterness and your beautiful butt.
#conflict #detachment #acrimony #caustic #resentment #only half a perfect man isn't enough #i'm really just about over this nonsensical game #sorry to spoil your idea of fun #ego kills #orgasms equal love
by Jeff D February 14, 2006
The inability of one to communicate their true self with others for fear of judgement, rejection and disgust.
People thought they knew Allen, but because of his nearly constant outcommunicado, they only saw a part of him, not his authentic essence.
by Jeff D July 16, 2005
Pretending to apologize without being sincere.
She told me she was sorry for not putting out but I know it was a nopology.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
A typical rancid bitter Starbucks drink that gives you the runs almost immediately! It's especially bad if you drink it in CHINO, CA. - known as the double crapuccino.

---Not to be confused with a "Capuccino" made elsewhere ie-(equal parts of espresso and hot milk topped with cinnamon and nutmeg and usually whipped cream). ---
Right after I had that crapuccino I had to sprint to the toilet.
by Jeff D April 20, 2003
The very bad economic outcomes from the wreckless monetary policies instituted by Alan Greenspan at the helm of the Federal Reserve.
First people were Greenspanked by the Internet & Nasdaq Bubbles; now we have the REubble or "Real Estate Bubble" to deal with because of the same man's wreckless Monetary Policies. But what do you expect in SCAMerica.....
#bubble #real estate #la #san diego #vegas #crash
by Jeff D October 13, 2005
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