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One who's true identity is concealed due to social pressure, fear of judgement and genuine confusion about who the hell they really are.
J.D.'s outcognito adversely affected all his relationships until he was ultimately left totally alone to deal with himself and all the damage he had done.
by Jeff D July 16, 2005
Ejaculation. "Shooting a load" - "busting a nut" - "Blowing a load" - "Shooting a wad" - "getting a load off" - etc...
Her cockgarage was so tight resulting in an epic Nutbust that was EjacuEARLY!
by Jeff D December 02, 2004
Short for Adolescent NONSENSE.
Obsessively checking my heretofore proven accurate Urban Dictionary definitions and demonstrating Urban Thumb by rating them is as much adolesnonsence as the words I am forced to create to prove my point. PLEASE GET A LIFE!
by Jeff D September 06, 2005
A guy who talks braggingly or boastfully about how he got down some chick's pants.
Brad just wouldn't quit pantificating about how easily he got Sharon into bed.
by Jeff D June 14, 2004
To tickle by licking.
Samantha started to lickle Mandy and made her laugh.
by Jeff D September 03, 2005
To keep coming back for the same pussy because it's so damn good.
She is so great in bed, he decided to cuntinue seeing her.
by Jeff D November 11, 2005
When someone has occasion to blurt out something verbally hurtful to yourself or others.
We were having a nice dinner until Dakota said something very blurtful to Cythia.
by Jeff D August 06, 2005
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